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When in Rome, Do as the Jerusalemites Do

A youth soccer club in Jerusalem travels every year to the Eternal City, where coexistence between the Jewish and Muslim teammates faces fewer barriers

Tablet Magazine, May 2, 2022

After Controversial Politician Is Disqualified, Israel’s Right Sets Its Sights on the Supreme Court

In unprecedented decision, judges rule Michael Ben-Ari unfit to serve.

Tablet Magazine, March 20, 2019

Could Ayman Odeh Determine Who Becomes Israel’s Next Prime Minister?

In a fiery speech, the country’s top Arab politician imagines what was previously considered impossible: a Jewish-Arab coalition to topple Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Tablet Magazine, March 5, 2019

The Enigmatic Benny Gantz

Campaigning to become Israel’s next prime minister, Gantz represents something that Israelis love: a veteran soldier carrying an olive branch.

Tablet Magazine, February 11, 2019

The Message of Nas

An Israeli Arab with a huge social media following posts a video a day for a thousand days, ending this week. Where did the journey take him?

Tablet Magazine, January 3, 2019

The dark horse who could topple Netanyahu

Benny Gantz, the former IDF Chief of Staff, has formed a new party which could win enough seats to help oust Bibi. 

+61J,  January 2, 2019

‘Skype with your enemy’: Gaza’s youth want intellectual, not food aid

To outside observers, the Gaza Strip often seems like a hotbed of Islamic extremism and anti-Israel activity. But a local youth group has been promoting peace with Israel and creating extracurricular activities in a bid to fight the prevalent desperation.

+61J,  December 29, 2018

Between War and Peace: An Interview With Senior Hamas Leader Husam Badran

Current Hamas Political Bureau Member and former military commander speaks to Tablet about the ongoing Gaza cease-fire negotiations with Israel. 

Tablet Magazine, September 17, 2018

Israel’s Failure to Support Syrian Rebels

A dispatch from Istanbul, where the Jewish state’s confounding political and military policy plays out in the lives of Syrians looking for hope of any kind.

Tablet Magazine, September 11, 2018
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